New Year Revolution

Let's Go!

Instead of focusing on new year’s RESOLUTIONS, we need to think about a NEW YEAR REVOLUTION. A revolution signals a BIG CHANGE in things. There are ways we need an act of revolt against the negatives of 2020. A resolution is something I do on my strength. I resolve to do this or that, I commit to make this happen. We often fail. Resolutions are famous for how short-lived they are.

What we need is a revolutionary way of living out of the strength of God, to REVOLT against the wide, easy path of the world, and follow Jesus to a new place, to become who we could not be, to go where we could not go (wish you were here!) and do what we could not do on our own.

You’re invited in 2021 to be part of a revolution…a real change in you, to see real change around you. Leave behind the downward pull and stuckness of 2020 and forget it, pressing on to a new place God is calling us. There is a a new version of “you” God created you to be and is now calling you to be, saying, “Wish you were here!” God wants to see it through to completion. (Philippians 3:12-14).

Participate in some simple, time tested, biblical acts of revolt -- new year's revolutions -- that will help us follow Jesus and not just go through covid, but grow through covid.

There is a new life and a new way out ahead. A way of more fulfillment, deeper connection, higher impact, better living. Jesus is calling, “Wish you were here.”

Let’s go!