We love kids, in fact, some of us are just big kids ourselves. Kids are the next generation of the church and we want to partner with you and see that they get the best of what we can offer.

We strive to provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and educational — giving them age-specific lessons to keep them engaged and wanting to come back each week. Whether weekend only or throughout the week, we have something for kids of any age.

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    Infants up to the steadily walking stage

    Children are a gift from God and we treasure each one of them. We are fully staffed for all weekend services with an appropriate number of dedicated and loving adults, who have all been properly screened and trained to insure a safe environment for your child. We currently use Palma Smiley curriculum for the Nursery babies. The Nursery is for infants up to the steadily walking stage.

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    Children steadily walking up age 2

    We are aware that at this age children begin to explore the world around them. Our trained staff strives to encourage this gift of curiosity in a safe environment through movement and song. We also begin to introduce moral foundations through Bible verses and stories. In this room we use Palma Smiley curriculum.

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    Age 3–Kindergarten

    Our volunteers encourage the natural and curious desire of this age group by providing a more structured, yet stimulating, environment for them to learn and grow. Each class is provided with a variety of learning experiences through creative Bible teachings and exciting worship songs. 

    Three and Four year olds learn each week through a curriculum from Willow Creek Community Church, called In the Beginning… Jumping into God’s Story. Kindergarteners learn each week through 252 Basics curriculum from the reThink Group.

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    Elementary — Mount Kidmore
    Grades 1–5

    For this age group we use a combination of large and small group experiences, teaching through music, drama and fast-paced fun. Small group time reinforces the lesson of the day through life application activities. Each child is assigned to one of our small group leaders for the school year to build relationships. We currently use 252 Basics curriculum from the reThink Group.

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    Preteen — MT. 54
    Grades 4–5

    During Weekend Services

    As the world of your preteen changes, we are constantly finding new ways to connect with them. We help guide them in this confusing time through friendships, Biblical teachings, music, fun games and much more.

    Wednesday Nights

    Mountain Road
    Wednesdays @ 6:30–7:45 PM
    New Life Center — Summit

    This is a completely different program than the program during weekend services. Wednesday nights are a chance to bring friends to hang out, have food, and have fun. Mt. 54 will not be meeting during the summer months, but will be starting back up on Wednesay, September 13. We can’t wait to meet our new 4th and 5th graders!

    Grade Transition

    We want to make your preteen's transition from 5th to 6th grade as smooth as possible. Check out this calendar of upcoming events and make the most of this exciting time.



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    Special Needs

    Our Inclusive Program seeks to provide a specialized learning environment that will allow students to learn in the ways that best communicate to them. With a team of wonderful leaders we work to provide both contained classes and mainstreamed opportunities through one to one relationships. Students are eager to come to class, meet new friends, and learn about God.

    To adequately meet your needs, we ask that you complete the Special Needs Enrollment Form and/or contact us prior to any classroom involvement. You can pick up this form at the Kids Welcome Desk.

    Mountain Road

    • All services: inclusion options available
    • 9:45 & 11:35 AM: contained classroom for early childhood and elementary students (Room 122)
    • 9:45 AM: contained classroom for teens and adults (Room 118/120)

    Bel Air

    • All services: inclusion options available


    • All services: inclusion options available
    • 11 AM: contained classroom for teens and adults

    Buddy Program

    This program allows one to one relationships that help students be mainstreamed into the regular kids program. These are available on a limited basis and only as we have on-going, available volunteers.


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    Parent Child Dedication

    This service is for parents who want to raise their children in a Christian home. This would mean, at a minimum, a willingness to set a good example through Christian living, marked in part through regular attendance in the church. This is NOT a baptism — baptism as taught in the New Testament is the conscious decision made in response to hearing the good news of Jesus Christ. During this service, parents are asking for God’s help, strength, guidance, and provision in raising their children so that one day they will choose to believe in Him on their own and submit to baptism. These services are offered several times per year.
    Mountain Road
    Saturday, June 3
    Mountain Center — Cook Auditorium

    Registration is closed for the June dedication. The next dedication is scheduled for October 7.
    Note: This event fills up quickly and early registration is necessary. In order to participate in the service, parents are required to attend a mandatory informational meeting. To sign up for an informational meeting, contact Reena Duraipandian at 410-877-1824 ext. 274.


    Why have a Parent & Child Dedication Service at Mountain?
    Marking passages: A Parent and Child Dedication service invites us to mark an important passage in the life of a young family – the birth of a child. There is no part of our life that falls “outside” our obedience to Christ, and this service reminds us of the responsibilities and privileges involved in Christian parenting. 
    Stewardship: A Parent and Child Dedication service helps us remember that raising children to love God is a matter of stewardship. Our children are not our possessions, but rather, they are God’s children. These special services help us to thank God for children, and promise to surrender our children back to God.
    Joy & Fear: A Parent and Child Dedication service is a joyous occasion. Grandparents, aunts and uncles will visit just to see their favorite little one all dressed up. But there is also a holy solemnity as we absorb the awesome seriousness of raising godly children in a “perverse and wicked generation”. So with joy and fear we bring our children and dedicate ourselves to raising them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. 
    Who should participate?
    Any parent(s) desiring to raise Christian children, and who wants help in that challenge. This would mean, as a minimum, a willingness to set a good example through Christian living, marked in part through regular attendance in the church. This service is an important time of dedication to be taken quite seriously, in which parents are making solemn promises before God, one another, and an entire congregation. These vows, to have integrity, have lifelong ramifications. Such a time ought not to be entered into lightly, without some level of commitment. 
    Is it the same as baptizing infants or christening?
    No. Baptism in the New Testament is part of the conscious decision a person makes in response to hearing the good news of Jesus Christ, to believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God & confess it, the decision to turn away from living that dishonors God, the decision to die to oneself and be raised to new life in Christ, and the desire to receive forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because we recognize that an infant is incapable of making these decisions and expressing these desires, we do not baptize them. In this service we are asking God’s help, strength, guidance, and provision in raising our children to the point where one day they will choose to believe in him of their own volition, having come to their own faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and then submit to be baptized.


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