We Love kids!

What to expect

If you have kids, be sure to swing by the Mountain Kids area during services. Safe and fun programming is there just for them during service for kids, birth through 5th grade. Programs for kids with special needs are available as well. There are also experiences for middle and high school students that they’ll want to come back for! Check your campus for kids and students program times.

  • Check-In: If you’re a new guest, stop by the Kids Check-In. At the Kids Check-In, you’ll be greeted by a team member, registered for class, and shown to the correct classroom for your kid.  
  • Security: Mountain Kids values the safety of every child. During check-in you’ll receive family specific stickers that will allow your family to pick up and drop off your kid. Kid pick-up stickers must be presented when picking up your kid from any class. All Mountain Kids team members are background checked to ensure the safety of each kid.
  • Allergies: If your kid has allergies, please be sure to communicate this with the team member who is registering your family and the small group leader in the classroom.
  • Curriculum: Mountain Kids uses Orange Curriculum which is adapted to meet the needs of each campus. The curriculum is Bible based, engaging for kids, and promotes learning.

Nursery, Toddler, 2’s

  • What to Expect: Leaders who are committed to caring for infants, providing them a safe environment to begin to explore. The toddlers and 2’s use a specifically designed curriculum that teaches the stories from the Bible in a fun and unique way. Kids in these rooms are given time to play and have a snack.
  • Ages:

Nursery: infants up to steadily walking
Toddlers: steadily walking until age 2 
2’s: Once your kid turns 2, he or she will move into the 2’s room 

3 - 5 Year Olds

  • What to Expect: Kids in these age groups will be engaged in multiple ways during the service. Kids will participate in free time, a large group time with a Bible story and videos, small group with activities, and end with a snack.

Grade 1 - 5

  • What to Expect: Elementary Kids have a specifically designed environment to meet their needs during weekly programming. Kids in these rooms are given time to play and interact with others, hear a Bible story in a large group setting, and participate in a small group with other kids their age.

Kids Events

Kids Baptism Class

Attend this class with your child to help better prepare them for making a personal decision to dedicate their life to Jesus. 


Mt. 54 | Grades 4-5

Fall-Spring | Come enjoy the fun on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings!


Online Family Service Guides

Follow along with the Online Family service by using the guides.


Parent Child Dedication

Fall + Spring | Take part in a special service where families commit to raising their children in a Christian home.