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If Ya Know Ya Know

It’s easy to see Jesus and mistake him for something else. Some think of Jesus as a Mr. Rogers-like nice guy who said good things and loved kids. Or a miracle worker who did party tricks with fish and bread and wine to impress us. Or just a historical figure who might have been a revolutionary of sorts but who

More and Better to Come

As Mountain celebrates it's 200th birthday, by God’s grace the church is thriving like never before. Why?

Mountain’s fruitfulness is a blessing of God’s favor, for sure. But behind it all are simple but profound values and commitments that drive everything we do. Simply put, the more FAITHFUL we are with these values, the more FRUITFUL we are as a church.


Want to know how embracing the power of God's word could transform your life in 2024? 

What Child Is This?

We have many aspirations for Christmas - that everything will go well for our celebrations. But larger than that, we have hopes and longings for life that simply cannot be satisfied outside of this little baby who is the center of our Christmas celebrations. 


We often wish God would tell us exactly where and what to do. But it doesn’t seem to work that way does it? But God does tell us HOW to live according to HIS will. Be part of the message series "God's Plan" as we dig deeper into God’s plan for our lives together!

Run With It

RUN WITH ITIn the Fall of 2022, the Mountain community embarked on a transformative spiritual journey toward a vision called "UNSTOPPABLE GOOD.”
The primary goal was to reignite faith in all of us—to allow God to work IN us and grow stronger in our walk with Jesus.
The secondary goal was about God working THROUGH us to make a significant impact across

Three Chairs

Three ChairsWe all fall into one of three categories - one of three chairs - when it comes to our relationship with God. This affects everything else we do - and who we are. It will be an honest assessment which will lead each of us to answer the all-important question: What chair am I in? And, if you’ve been

You Asked For It

We got questions. But we don’t always know where to go with them. Or if it’s even safe to ask. This series gives us a chance to ask some good questions. Challenging questions. Real life questions about God, faith, and human sexuality. Based on the questions that keep surfacing, this series will get honest and real with some important, pressing,

Making Life Work

You are called to be different. You are called to trust God so fully that you dare to believe God designed LIFE to work according to God’s principles. If you dare to believe that, you will take the radical step of living according to God’s plans. We are surrounded by tons of information, data, news and sound bytes. But few possess