Internships & Residencies

At Mountain, we’re committed to being a teaching hospital, equipping and empowering young leaders to use their God-given gifts to further God’s mission, and embrace the calling of ministry. Over the past 15 years, we’ve had over 125 interns and residents experience ministry and mentorship at Mountain, and are now serving in over 4 countries and 15 states across the US. Through the internship and residency programs, students learn how to think theologically, take their leadership to the next level, and dig their wells deep for sustainability and longevity in ministry. From developing practical ministry skills to intentional coaching by veteran staff members, the internship and residency program offers holistic training for anyone called to ministry.

"My Semester In Ministry experience was life-changing. As someone who had never left home, I was very reluctant to go all the way to Maryland. However, everything from the people I met to the lessons I learned made it so worthwhile that I was sad to leave! If you have the opportunity to go but you’re nervous, do it! You won’t regret it!"
- Dalton Roszel, Pastoral Care Intern

General FAQs

Both internships and residency experiences provide hands-on learning and professional development as you seek to grow and prepare for your vocational calling in ministry. Not only will an internship or residency be beneficial for professional development, with Mountain’s programs, you receive staff and community support, as you grow in knowledge, skill, and character, tending even more so to your own spiritual formation. 

We offer internships and residencies in all ministry areas: Kids Ministry, Student Ministry, Discipleship & Groups, Pastoral Care & Counseling, Local & Global Impact, Worship & Production, Preaching & Teaching, Digital & Online Ministry, and Sports Ministry; as well as internship and residencies in Finance (non-profit accounting), Social Work with The EPICENTER Community Center, Communications & Graphic Design. 

Our internship program, Semester in Ministry, is 19 weeks running each fall (Aug - Dec) and spring (Jan - May) semester. 

Our residency program, Season in Ministry runs for approximately 10 months from August through the end of May.

Complete one of our interest forms for the program you’re interested in or contact Hillary MacLellan @


Cole O’Connor | Discipleship Intern

“From leading Small Groups and leading Group Nights, to making curriculum for people to study, to coming together with Mental Health specialists in how we as the Church can help develop mental health programs..."


Sheila Peters | Pastoral Care Resident 

"The Residency program has been so beneficial to me and my spiritual growth. I felt like God had called me into ministry, even at this late period in my life, and I wanted to honor that and be faithful to the calling. This residency


Adeline Ensley | Worship Intern

"I learned new things about myself and how to grow in my relationships with Jesus and the people around me. I got to lead worship, join a small group, and otherwise be transformed by Mountain Christian Church."