The death of a loved one is a difficult experience and the grief that comes with it is unique to everyone. In times like these it is good to remember the hope and reassurance we have in Christ Jesus. When the time comes to make arrangements for a funeral/memorial service for your loved one, Mountain Christian Church has pastors, staff, and volunteers waiting to help walk you through this difficult time and minister to your family.

Please contact the main office at 410-877-1824, or email Niki Priebe to inform Mountain of your need. We will gladly help coordinate and secure a pastor, date and time of service, and determine which room will be best suited for your particular service.

The Mountain Road Campus offers the use of Walker Chapel or Cook Auditorium for funeral/memorial services, depending on the expected guest attendance. Funeral/memorial services are also offered at the Abingdon Campus. In addition, Mountain can provide pastors for off-site services that may be held at a funeral home, chapel, graveside, etc.

For all onsite services, Mountain offers tech support to provide guidance and oversight of all technical aspects of the funeral/memorial. We also provide volunteers to greet and tend to friends and family during the viewing and service.

Mountain desires to serve as a source of care and encouragement. Click here to access information about Grief Share or to connect with a pastor or grief coach.

For your planning purposes, Mountain has both in-ground burial plots and cremation columbarium available. For any questions or to purchase, contact Tim Kick.