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We think that Young Adulthood is one of the most crucial stages of our lives. In many ways, these are the years that young people become who they will be for the rest of their lives. For this reason, we as a church community place a lot of emphasis on connecting young people with disciple-makers who have walked through challenges of their 20's and can offer hard-won wisdom as a result. 

We also know that Jesus started his own ministry by choosing 12 Young Adults (Matthew 4:18-22). Young Adults have been at the center of every church renewal movement and revival in history. Here's what that means for us: The greatest opportunity we have to change the world for Jesus Christ is for us to take whatever days we have left and invest them in reaching Young Adults, learning about them, spending time with them, teaching them the things that Jesus taught us, and call them to something great and compelling. 

Interesting in serving with Young Adults at Mountain? Email Gil Shelsby for more information!