You can be the key to changing a student’s life forever. Don’t believe us? Check out these stories from students at Mountain here.

Even though the best person to disciple a student is their parent, we know that every student (and parent) needs someone else who loves God and loves them. Be that someone for a student directly or support the mission by connecting students with the someone.

Not only will you help others grow and you’ll have a chance to influence a student’s future, but you’ll grow too as you follow in Jesus’ steps. You’ll join a team of like-minded people who believe in students and know that they can change the world. 

From being all in as a Students Groups Leader, to helping with an occasional event, or supporting the mission administratively, there’s a role for you where you can make a difference. Click the link below to explore what roles are available, and be a part of the Students Team. 

Join the Team