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    Mt. 54
    Grades 4–5

    This is a weekly event for your preteen to hang out with friends, eat food, and have fun. Plus your student can invite friends to come along!

    Mountain Road 
    Wednesdays @ 6:30–7:45 PM
    New Life Center — Summit

    Note: this is a completely different program than the program during weekend services.


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    Parent Child Dedication

    The Parent Child Dedication service is for parents to commit themselves to raising their children in a Christian home through promises and sincere intentions brought before God, one another and the entire congregation. During this service, parents are asking God’s help, strength, guidance, and provision in raising their children so that one day they will choose to believe in Him on their own. These services are offered several times per year. 
    Saturday, March 30 @ 10 AM

    Bel Air
    Sunday, March 31 @ 1 PM
    Saturday, March 30 @ 10 AM
    Mountain Road
    Saturday, March 30 @ 10 AM 
    New Life Center


    Why have a Parent & Child Dedication Service at Mountain?
    Marking Passages

    A Parent and Child Dedication service invites us to mark an important passage in the life of a young family – the birth of a child. This service reminds us of the responsibilities and privileges involved in Christian parenting.

    A Parent and Child Dedication service helps us remember that raising children to love God is a matter of stewardship. Our children are not our possessions, but rather, they are God’s children. These special services help us to thank God for children, and promise to surrender our children back to God. 

    A Parent and Child Dedication service is a joyous occasion in which we celebrate what God has done. With joy we bring our children and dedicate ourselves to raising them to find joy in the Lord.

    Who should participate?
    • Any parent(s) desiring to raise Christian children and willing to set a good example through Christian living with a high level of commitment to such dedication.
    • Parent(s) desiring to dedicate their children in making solemn promises before God, one another and an entire congregation to uphold a lifelong Christian integrity within their family.
    • Parent(s) who call Mountain Christian Church ‘home’, committed to following the Mountain walk of Loving God, Loving People, and Serving the World marked in part through regular attendance in the church. This includes the requirement of attending Welcome to Mountain. If you have not participated in this, please sign up here.
    Is it the same as baptizing infants or christening?
    No. Baptism in the New Testament is part of the conscious decision a person makes in response to hearing the good news of Jesus Christ, to believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God & confess it, the decision to turn away from living that dishonors God, the decision to die to oneself and be raised to new life in Christ, and the desire to receive forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because we recognize that an infant is incapable of making these decisions and expressing these desires, we do not baptize them. In this service we are asking God’s help, strength, guidance, and provision in raising our children to the point where one day they will choose to believe in him of their own volition, having come to their own faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and then submit to be baptized.


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    Crazy Camp
    July 8-12 @ 9 AM

    Crazy Camp is a half-day camp where we will have daily large group time, worship experiences, small group devotionals, snacks, arts and crafts, and special activities.

    Preschool (4 years old-1st grade*) Camp
    July 8-12 @ 9 AM–12 PM
    Mountain Road Campus

    • $45 before June 24
    • $50 from June 25-July 5

    *Ages and grades as of September 1, 2019

    Payment Info
    The total fee must accompany enrollment to be considered registered ($30 of which is non-refundable should you need a refund for any reason). Refunds may be requested up until July 5, and will be given in full less the non-refundable deposit. After July 5, refunds will be given only in case of a medical concern, doctor’s orders, or major medical emergency, and if approved by Crazy Camp Leadership. 


    Scholarships: contact Olivia Merchant for details.

    Click on the button below if you'd like to serve at Crazy Camp. If you will be serving as a counselor, your children may be eligible for a partial scholarship. Please contact Olivia Merchant for more info.

    Sign up to serve


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    Indian Lake Camp
    Various July dates

    Join us for The Great Race this year at Indian Lake! Along the way, children will learn what the Bible has to say about not giving up through the story of Nehemiah!

    Ice Breakers II
    Incoming 2nd and 3rd graders
    July 7-10


    Junior Camp 1 
    Incoming 4th and 5th graders
    July 7-12