Our Foundation

People Matter
We don’t believe in labels, we believe in people. We are life-change junkies and nothing gets us more excited than seeing lives transformed through God’s work. Everyone has a story and we’d love to hear yours.

God Gets the Credit
Simply, this is God’s church; we’re just glad we get to be a part of it!

Grace & Truth
No “perfect” people allowed. Everyone makes mistakes and if you do it right, you’ll learn from them. Here, we challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Life can be hard; sometimes it is tough to know where to turn. Here you’ll find a community that is willing to support you in facing down life’s toughest challenges. We’re just imperfect people searching for answers in the lessons Jesus taught.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life should be celebrated because God is good. Don’t be surprised to see our parking lots full of people playing games or celebrating from time to time, and, you are officially invited to join us.

We strive for unity among Christ followers and choose not to let ourselves be divided by man-made traditions and “rules”.  We believe all people are created in God’s image, regardless of race or “color”.


We see our ministry and our lives as “the Body of Christ,” an extension of Jesus’ ministry, empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”

We believe our mission is to “make disciples – more and better disciples” which is expressed by calling people to personally respond in faith to Jesus as savior and Lord, and continuing to follow him in community as we Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. 

We believe God’s heart is equally devoted to reaching those far from Him and to spiritually forming His children into mature disciples of His Son, and therefore strive to model our ministry in the same way. 

We accept the Bible alone as our guide for faith and practice as it is the Word of God written, revealing God’s intentions and will. 

We are a non-denominational free church under Christ.  Overseen by Elders and led and administered by Staff, we determine policies and practices allowing us to be as effective as possible, voluntarily cooperating with other Christ followers in fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission.

We are devoted to the cause of Christian unity, and express this in part by working with other churches and Christians as led by the Spirit and in accordance with the Scriptures for the sake of Christ’s work.

Our community welcomes everyone on the basis that “God loves you just as you are, but too much to leave you that way.”  We require for church membership just what was required in New Testament times.  We practice the baptism that was taught and practiced in the Scriptures -- immersion of a penitent believer as a symbol of Christ’s own death, burial and resurrection.

We share in the communion of the Lord’s Supper every week, as was the custom of the early church.

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    There’s a lot to celebrate in Mountain’s history.

    We come from a strong heritage that has been characterized by growth, outreach and innovation. Started as a result of pioneering preachers who traveled by horseback from Kentucky, Mountain was formed by leaders who demonstrated a willingness to go, reach and endure in order to see God’s kingdom grow.

    Each generation has built upon the victories and struggles of the past in order to continue making disciples of Jesus Christ. We’ve been planting churches since the 1870’s and sending missionaries since the 1880’s. We’ve changed and experimented in order to keep fulfilling our mission.

    Now is the time for our generation to continue this heritage. There’s more to be done, much more. As we look at what has brought us to this point, we know God has bigger plans for the future. Everything in our past has merely been a launching point for today as we continue to follow God faithfully forward.


    • 1821 & 1823 - Samuel Rogers, one of the great pioneer leaders of the Restoration Movement, travels by horseback from Kentucky to speak to believers in Maryland. They meet in a log cabin known as Union Chapel on Old Joppa Road which could hold about 80 people.
    • August 1824 - James McVey, a Restoration preacher from Kentucky, arrives at Union Chapel for a three day meeting and organizes what would become Mountain Christian Church.
    • July 1834 – After a revival preached by James Henshall and George Austin, the Christians at Union Chapel begin seeking their own house of worship and start meeting at a Friends’ schoolhouse, joining with another group of Christians organized that same year.
    • August 21, 1847 – First house of worship is dedicated on a piece of property known as “The Mountain,” which is our present Mountain Road campus location. (Did you know there use to be a “Mountain” post office nearby as well? It closed in the early 1900’s changing the address to Joppa.)
    • 1860’s – Civil War results in the loss of many members, but Mountain continues to minister throughout that time.
    • 1877 – Mountain begins church planting efforts in northern Harford County starting Avondale Christian Church.
    • 1878 – Instrumental music was first introduced in worship at Mountain.
    • 1882 – Albert Norton (then Senior Minister at Mountain) leaves to begin the first mission of the Christian Churches in India. He later began church work in Japan as well.
    • 1891 – Mountain moves to its Second House of Worship on our Mountain campus (later remodeled and enlarged in 1941).
    • 1892 – Mountain sends a group to plant Fork Christian Church in Baltimore County. (At present they are in the process of constructing a new facility for their ministry.)
    • Early 1900’s – Dr. George W. Brown, a scholar and timothy of Mountain, works to translate the Old Testament into the Hindi language to reach the largest population group in India.
    • 1947 – Mountain works to plant First Christian Church of Havre de Grace.
    • March 25, 1956 – Mountain dedicates and moves into its third house of worship on our Mountain Road Campus (which we now refer to as Walker Chapel).
    • 1957 – Mountain helps to plant Boulevard Christian Church in Essex.
    • 1964 – Kenny Messman ordained at Mountain and leaves to work in Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe).
    • 1968 – Mountain experiments with a new venue – Drive-in Services. The cars would park on the lot in the area in front of Cook Auditorium for the service.
    • 1975 – Mountain’s facility is expanded to include a new education wing which allows Mountain Christian School to begin in September of that year.
    • September 12, 1993 – Mountain moves to its fourth house of worship on our Mountain Road campus which we now call Cook Auditorium.
    • December 7, 1997 – Ben Cachiaras begins as Senior Minister at Mountain.
    • September 2004 – Mountain moves into the New Life Center, our fifth house of worship on our Mountain Road campus.
    • March 2006 – Mountain sends a group to start Community Christian Church in White Marsh including 4 staff and around 200 members.
    • September 2008 – Mountain begins a second worship venue on campus with simultaneous services in two different locations on our Mountain Road campus.
    • March 2010 – Mountain launches our second site in Bel Air at the John Carroll School.
    • October 2013 – Mountain launches our third site in Edgewood.
    • September 2017 – Mountain launches our fourth site in Abingdon.
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    The Mountain Walk

    There are so many ideas and messages about the Church today - what it means to be a Christian, or how we should live to please God. When Jesus was asked what it's all about, He said to first really, really love God, and then, really, really love people. Then he told a story about serving others. So we’d see what it looked like in action, He lived it out, saying to come follow Him. If you want to follow Jesus today it still means the same thing. It’s about living our lives in the same way that Jesus did—loving God, loving people, and serving the world. We call it the Mountain Walk.

    Here’s what it looks like…

    Love God:
    Pursue a relationship with Jesus

    • Worship Together: We worship God with our whole lives, celebrating our love for God by coming together
    • Abide Alone: We are invited to have a real connection with Jesus

    Love People:
    Connect with others in real relationships

    • Hold On: We strengthen our relationships with others who are with Jesus on the Walk
    • Reach Out: We build relational bridges with those who are far from God

    Serve the World:
    Be a blessing everywhere we go

    • Get Going – We serve humbly, finding specific ways to use our time and gifts to bless others.
    • Give Generously – We trust God with what he’s provided, giving to His mission through the church and sharing with others.