Care Groups

Life gets tough at times, we’ve all been there, in fact some of us are there now. If you are struggling with something today or need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunities below. We’ve got an amazing network of people who know exactly what you are going through and are willing to help.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
— Matthew 11:28

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    Celebrate Recovery
    Fridays @ 6 PM

    We all struggle with things. If yours is with the hurts, habits and hang-ups of addictive behaviors, you'll fit right in with us at Celebrate Recovery. In this program we follow "8 Recovery Principles" that can free us from addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors. If this isn't your struggle but you know someone who needs to break the grip of addictive behaviors, please invite them to this group.

    Mountain Road
    Fridays @ 6–9 PM
    New Life Center — Cafe
    (Shuttle service provided to and from CR for the following locations: The EPICENTER at Edgewood at 5:45 PM and Riverside Shelter at 5:30 PM.) 

    6–7 PM........Food/meal together
    7–8 PM........Large group with musical worship, testimonies, & teaching
    8–9 PM........Confidential "open share" small groups for people struggling with specific issues
    9–9:30..........Coffee & dessert

    Small Groups

    • Men’s Substance Abuse
    • Men's Depression
    • Men's Purity
    • Men's Food Addiction
    • Men's Recovery for those affected by addiction
    • Women's Codependency
    • Women’s Substance Abuse
    • Women’s Depression
    • Women's Food Addiction
    • Women's Recovery for those affected by addiction

    *Childcare is provided for children from infant to 4 years old. 

    Celebration Place
    Children ages 5-13 years old may attend Celebration Place. Celebration Place is the uplifting, hope-filled, children’s companion to Celebrate Recovery. The lessons mirror those in Celebrate Recovery, so that while adults explore topics that bring healing and wholeness, their kids are discovering the same truths in age-appropriate ways!

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    Alcoholics Anonymous
    Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM

    If you struggle with the ability to control your drinking, you're not alone. At AA we share our experience, strength and hope with each other so we may solve our common problem, stay sober, and help each other achieve sobriety.

    Mountain Road
    Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM
    Modular 3 & 4


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    DivorceCare for Adults

    We know how difficult it can be to go through a separation or divorce. That's why we offer this seminar to provide you with ways to heal and a supportive group full of those of us experiencing the same things. Because each week is self-contained, you can start at any time.

    Mountain Road
    Sundays beginning September 9 @ 11:30 AM–1:30 PM
    Mountain Center — Walker Chapel


    DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

    Separation and divorce can be difficult times for kids as well. This session runs at the same time as DivorceCare for adults so your children are learning at the same time as you. We'll help your kids understand their feelings, express their emotions appropriately, and develop coping skills. DC4K is for kids 5–12 years of age.

    Mountain Road
    Sundays, beginning September 9 @ 11:30 AM–1:30 PM
    Mountain Center — Room 31



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    Gamblers Anonymous
    Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM

    We know how the excitement of gambling can become addicting. This 12-Step Recovery Program helps us work through the problem together as a supportive group.

    Mountain Road
    Tuesdays @ 7:30–9 PM
    New Life Center — Room 118/120


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    Families Dealing with Addictions

    Addiction in a family is something that can create tremendous stress and fear. We're here to listen, share, and offer guidance and prayer to each other. We know just being able to talk about it can begin to ease the anxiety. No matter what state of addiction your family is in, we're in it too.

    To join us in this journey, email us.

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    Operation Destiny
    Safe & confidential group for men

    Find out what hope, freedom and the Abundant Life are all about as you experience them for yourself, through a new men’s healing curriculum. We are a safe & confidential group for men who want to conquer inappropriate sexual behavior. Weekly meetings focus on:

    • Identifying and healing root causes
    • Changing detrimental habits
    • Encouraging through accountability
    • Educating to overcome faulty beliefs
    • Transforming through Christ’s love, truth, and grace


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    Unintended Journey
    Recovery program for women

    This confidential recovery program is specifically for women who are suffering through a spouse’s present or past infidelity or sex addiction. The group focuses on the emotions, mistrust and anger that arises in this circumstance. The study will provide women with an understanding of the range of emotions they experience and how to work toward resolution. Space is limited.

    For an appointment and interview, email

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    If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, this can be a very confusing time. You may feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before. GriefShare is designed to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.

    This is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experiences. You don't have to go through the grieving process alone. GriefShare is led by people who understand what you are going through and they want to help.

    So that we can provide the best care and safe environment for your children, you must pre-register your children prior to the study. Childcare costs: $7/one child or $10/ two or more children per week. Please contact Jill Henage with any questions.

    Summer meeting date: August 14

    Mountain Road
    Tuesdays @ 7–9 PM 
    New Life Center — The Summit


    Tuesdays @ 1-3 PM


    Meetings begin on September 4.


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    Chronic Illness Support Group
    Mondays @ 6 PM

    Are you suffering? Battling cancer? Combating chronic illness? Dealing with chronic pain? Searching for others with which to share the journey? Join our chronic illness group and connect with others on a similar journey. You’ll find a place of honest dialogue and support as we seek the gifts of God often hidden in pain. This is a group for those who need hope, have hope, or want to offer hope to others who are battling health issues.

    What do we do when suffering hits us broadside? How do we manage to find hope in the darkness of disease? Joni Eareckson Tada pens regarding suffering, “It is a honed art, as well as a spiritual discipline, to be able to step back from the details and see how our own stories are woven into a much bigger one… God’s story.”  

    Mountain Road
    Mondays @ 6–7 PM beginning September 10
    Cost $10



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    Unending Love
    The healing journey after the loss of a child

    The loss of a child, grandchild, or sibling is unlike any other. We’ll talk about the real struggles of the journey with all of the “successes and set backs” and our discussion topics will vary from meeting to meeting. While we are a sharing group, there’s never any pressure or expectation for anyone to talk. Sometimes we can’t and sometimes we need to just listen. Each person, including couples, will grieve and heal differently because of their own life experiences along with the nature of their relationship with their loved one. While this is an individualized journey, we can take the journey together. At times like these it can be hard to feel God’s presence but we don’t have to be on this journey alone — we will walk together.

    Mountain Road
    3rd Wednesday of each month @ 7–9 PM
    Beginning on September 19
    New Life Center — Room 128



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    Regret to Recovery
    For those struggling with post abortion stress

    After an abortion many carry a heavy burden of silence and heartache. Afraid to talk about your pain, you may even feel overwhelmed with grief and shame. Please join us at Regret to Recovery: a confidential, safe support group for those struggling with post abortion stress. Join us and begin a journey toward freedom, healing and hope.

    For more info, email

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    If you find yourself in need of hope, guidance, or a listening ear, we want to help. We offer pastoral care services and community counseling referrals. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call us at 410-877-1824.


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    Financial assistance

    Benevolence at Mountain Christian Church is just one way that we love people. Though we are not able to provide for everyone in every circumstance, we attempt to be good stewards of the resources that God has provided, sharing with those in our church community. Mountain partners with other ministries and organizations that may be more adequately equipped to help some individuals in specific circumstances. Whether referring to another organization or ministry or by providing financial coaching or assistance, Mountain strives to assist the recipient with the necessary tools to regain his or her footing. If you are a Mountain member or regular attender and are in need of assistance, please stop by our Mountain Road main office to complete a Benevolence application.

    Counseling Services & Referrals
    If you would like financial counseling, get more information and schedule an appointment by calling us at 410-877-1824.