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Unstoppable Good Around the World

What in the world is going on and how can I bring some goodness to it? To help answer that question we'll hear from Ben and a few of Mountain's Mission Partners in this message as we learn practical ways to participate in God’s Unstoppable Global Good. All of us have been called to be IN IT FOR GOOD along

Unstoppable Good | In It For Good

I hope you’re sensing God calling you to do something special…something important…something BIG with your one life. We can do that TOGETHER when we rally as one, aim the same direction and march together to the Spirit’s leading. This series is all about how God is calling Mountain to come together for a time of deep spiritual growth which will

You Asked For It

We got questions. But we don’t always know where to go with them. Or if it’s even safe to ask. This series gives us a chance to ask some good questions. Hard questions. Real life questions about God, faith, social issues and life. Based on the questions that keep surfacing, this series will get honest and real with some important,

The Good Life

Are you a disciple of Jesus? 
A disciple is someone who knows Jesus. Trusts Jesus. Loves Jesus. Stays connected to Jesus and other Jesus followers. Follows Jesus and is fully committed to serving in his mission. 
That’s what we’re trying to DO, and who we are trying to BE: Disciples. 
Are you a disciple of Jesus? 

Guest Speaker | Michael Jr.

Known as one of today’s most gifted comedians, Michael Jr. brings laughter and understanding to audiences all over the world. Michael Jr. tours the country using comedy to inspire audiences to activate their purpose and live a life fulfilled.

Full Of It

Take a look at the path your life is on. Where are you headed? What qualities are forming inside of you? How do you act every day? Who are you becoming? Scripture promises when we walk by God’s Spirit it produces fruit that changes who we are on the inside -- where our roots go down. And it changes how

Sermon Series - At The Movies 2022

Each year the At The Movies Series has been an impactful experience for folks. This year, in particular, many folks have been expressing their desire to watch again and to share these messages with others. Due to copyright limitations with the movies this presents some challenges since we cannot publish them for on-demand viewing, however we’re giving the opportunity to

Easter & Good Friday 

Easter is a special time when we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's a holiday with deep meaning with a message of hope that so many need right now. 

What if Jesus Was Serious?

The Sermon on the Mount is considered the first, longest, and most central teaching of Jesus. It is also the most ignored teaching of Jesus. But wait a sec. Did Jesus intend for us to actually DO what he taught us in his sermon? Are we really supposed to – is it even possible – love our enemies? Live without