Kingdom Assignment 2024

Will you say “Yes” to the Kingdom Assignment?

On January 21, 130 Mountain people accepted a Kingdom Assignment to each multiply $200 of church funds towards Kingdom impact. They have 90-Days to pray and complete the Kingdom Assignment in the way that God directs. How is God calling you to join in this movement and complete your own Kingdom Assignment?

Kingdom Assignment

Has God called you for a time such as this?

We are excited and eager to see what God is going to do in you and through Mountain in this season! This will be a time in Mountain's 200th year that we will never forget.

Put the teaching of Jesus from Matthew 25 into action, and be in a posture of expectancy. Rather than having expectations, have expectancy that God will do something and move in powerful ways. In the moments when it’s hard and when you’re doubting yourself, if you say “yes” to this it's because you are READY for a kingdom assignment and you are OPEN to God changing your life. God invites all of us into this! 

Dream dreams.
See people. Feel needs.
Think like Jesus thinks.
Find your assignment.

You will walk way far more blessed than anyone you bless in the process. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Mountain's elders, staff, and the whole Mountain community will continue to pray for this moment and your part in it. We will pray that we get to bear witness of God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.