Job Openings

God is doing great things and using our team in amazing ways. As we continue on our mission, we need people like you running the race with us. Learn a little about our foundation

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    Childcare Provider

    With our fall group experiences about to launch, we are once again in need of growing our paid childcare staff team.

    If you have a few flexible hours per week to love on kids and are looking to make a few extra dollars please contact Natalie Krichton.



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    Film Director

    Purpose of Mountain Christian Church:

    To make disciples – more and better disciples.

    Purpose of the Film Director:

    The Film Director role exists to utilize film and video to tell the story of what God is doing through Mountain in compelling ways.

    Principal Function:

    The Film Director will be responsible for implementing and creating quality video content for all facets of the ministries of the church, through a collaborative request process. These videos will vary greatly from documentary style to narrative script-based videos. Responsible for video projects from concept to completion, the Film Director will be responsible for tasks such as scouting for locations, writing scripts, directing, cinematography, lighting, editing, and exporting. The filmmaker needs to be willing to accept different roles (director, editor, writer, etc.) within a larger production when collaborating with other team members.


     Full time, 40 hrs/week

    Key principles of ministry at Mountain

    The Film Director should be a person who is:

    • Committed to Excellence.  We do all things as unto the Lord and believe God deserves our best efforts.  Also, because we exist to make disciples, we are eager to do things with excellence.  If we fail to strive for excellence, we often compromise the effectiveness of our mission. We believe the Lord is most honored when we strive to do the best we can in all things. We have high standards and believe this honors the Lord and His Church.  
    • Able to equip others for ministry.  Believing God has gifted every believer for ministry, we actively seek to discover and unleash those gifts in practical ways wherever possible. This ministry position exists not only to accomplish work in a specific area of need, but also to empower others for meaningful ministry.  
    • Good at what they do, Loves what they do, and Loves the people they’re doing it with. This is the goal for all Mountain staff.
    • Committed to the church, the Bride of Christ.  Even with all her imperfections and shortcomings, we love the church and are committed to building her up and caring for her at all times.

    Personal Attributes:

    The Film Director should be a person who is:

    • Spiritually and emotionally mature. This person needs to be a growing Christian who is strong and stable, with a supportive network of relationships.
    • Working “WITH” Christ. We don’t work FOR Jesus, as if trying to win his approval or accomplish things on his behalf.  Rather, he empowers our work.  This person must be deeply connected to the source, nurturing a relationship with Christ, and working with his energy.
    • Passionate about good design and how it communicates to specific audiences.
    • Relational. This person must reach beyond their comfort zone and social barriers to engage others. This is often the most important “work.” The task is important, but it is also important that everyone involved with a project understands the “why” and look for the common “win.” 
    • Flexible & Open-handed.  This person must realize that “this is not our stuff.”  We hold loosely to the ministry and projects that have been entrusted to us. We are faithful, and we work hard. Yet, ultimately, this is God’s ministry, and it’s not about us. Thus, we yield our own “turf,” when necessary.
    • Trustworthy.  Part of maturity is keeping confidences and protecting the witness and integrity of the church of Christ. Loyalty to ministry staff and leaders and to Mountain Christian Church is essential.
    • Self-motivated. This person must be able to initiate things without being prompted. Need to be a “self-starter.”
    • Responsive to oversight. This person must be able to implement plans and respond to directives from staff leadership and the eldership.
    • Filled with a sense of humor. This person should be able to take this position seriously but also be able NOT to take themselves too seriously.

    Core Competencies:

    The Film Director should (be):

    • Communicate Well. Clearly, communicate in both writing and speech across multiple organizational levels.
    • Execute Ministry. Perform the most basic forms of ministry within your ministry context/area.
    • A Technology User. This person must use core technology systems and programs used by the church (i.e. Microsoft Office, Paycom, etc.)
    • An effective manager. This person must be able to make steady progress on long-term goals while simultaneously managing various short-term concerns. Must effectively manage the tensions between “urgent” & “important,” tasks & relationships.
    • Editing Software Knowledgable. This person must have proficiency in non-linear video editing software (such as Final Cut Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.). Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects is preferred.
    • Equipment Knowledgable. This person must have a working knowledge of film/video equipment, digital video cameras, digital cameras/photography, etc.
    • Lighting/Cinematography Knowledgable. This person must have a strong understanding of lighting and techniques to use light to tell stories.
    • Online Video Knowledgable. This person must have a basic understanding of video streaming/web-based video (Vimeo, Youtube, etc.).
    • Audio Knowledgable. This person should be knowledgeable of audio recording for use in film/video production.
    • Process Feedback. This person must be open to critique and have a willingness to collaborate with other team members and filmmakers.

    As a leader of volunteers, this person should also be able to:

    • Develop people. This person must create an environment of high invitation and high challenge where volunteers are supported, valued, equipped, and called forward in their discipleship journey and vocation. 
    • Build teams. Invite, assimilate, equip, edify, and transition volunteers into meaningful ministry roles. This requires the ability to delegate.
    • Lead from here to there. This person must be able to see a vision of where the ministry needs to go, assess the reality of the current situation, and make and execute a plan to get from where we are now to where we want to be. This requires problem solving, creativity, strategic thinking, managing change, risk-taking, care for people, and wisdom.
    • Identify & communicate ministry-specific values/vision/processes/ systems. This person must establish direction and goals for their specific ministry and create the structures that help support the vision and its execution. This requires critical thinking across micro and macro levels of the ministry to create processes to make ministry happen.
    • Evaluate & improve. Evaluate all aspects of ministry, systems and volunteers and give edifying feedback that leads toward improvement.
    • Deal with conflict & lead through tension. This person must have a keen sense for when something is “off” or “smells funky” and be willing to engage. They should have a knack for diffusing tension, helping people refocus on what matters, and building unity amidst a diversity of people. This person must protect the mission from conflict and tension that sap energy and distract from the main thing.
    • Manage ministry budget & allocate resources. Manage and allocate financial and human resources within boundaries.
    • Stay organized. This is a multi-faceted position that demands multitasking. This person must be able to prioritize and manage time and resources well.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    The Film Director is responsible for the following:

    • Develop and present creative concepts for videos.
    • Capturing/Compressing video footage.
    • Editing video footage and formatting film/video products.
    • Oversee and drive the entire film/video process from beginning to end by creating systems to manage this process.
    • Coach the subjects as needed during the film/video capture process.
    • Will be responsible for assessing, purchasing and caring for film/video equipment.
    • Develop video assets for the church website and social media platforms.
    • Create weekend sermon videos with teaching pastors (i.e. At The Movies series).
    • Produce films/stories as needed, celebrating and empowering the Mountain culture of generosity, community, recovery, etc. within the church to share during weekend programming or online.
    • Responsible for training, leading, managing, and/or helping direct volunteers, interns, contractors, or staff who are interested in learning about film and storytelling as time allows.
    • Fulfilling other responsibilities and tasks as assigned.

    As a leader of volunteers, this person is responsible for:

    • Excellent communication with volunteers, casting vision, clarifying expectations, measuring progress, cultivating culture, setting and accomplishing goals, maintaining alignment with the mission and values, and developing volunteers.

    Relationships of Support and Accountability

    • Volunteers. Film/Video volunteers.
    • Staff Team. Other staff positions on this team include: Graphic Designer, Digital Experience Director
    • Supervisor. This person reports to: Communications Director
    • Senior Leadership. This person is connected to the Directional Leadership Team through: Executive Pastor
    • Elders. Like all staff, this person is ultimately responsible to the Elders and reports to the Elders through the Directional Leadership Team.