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God is doing great things and using our team in amazing ways. As we continue on our mission, we need people like you running the race with us. Learn a little about our foundation and check out the open positions below.


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    Graphic Designer

    Graphic Designer

    Purpose of Mountain Christian Church:

    To make disciples – more and better disciples.

    Purpose of the Graphic Designer:

    To take direction from written or spoken ideas and convert them seamlessly into images, layouts and other designs. This can be done by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate the audience. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, brands, screens, web and social media graphics.

    Principal Function:

    The Graphic Designer will craft designs and resources that support ministry and reinforce the Mountain brand.


    40 hrs/week

    Start Date:


    Key principles of ministry at Mountain

    The Graphic Designer should be a person who is:

    • Committed to Excellence.  We do all things as unto the Lord, and believe God deserves our best efforts.  Also, because we exist to make disciples, we are eager to do things with excellence.  If we fail to strive for excellence, we often compromise the effectiveness of our mission. We believe the Lord is most honored when we strive to do the best we can in all things. We have high standards and believe this honors the Lord and His Church.  
    • Able to equip others for ministry.  Believing God has gifted every believer for ministry, we actively seek to discover and unleash those gifts in practical ways wherever possible. This ministry position exists not only to accomplish work in a specific area of need, but also to empower others for meaningful ministry.  
    • Good at what they do, Loves what they do, and Loves the people they’re doing it with. This is the goal for all Mountain staff.
    • Committed to the church, the Bride of Christ.  Even with all her imperfections and shortcomings, we love the church and are committed to building her up and caring for her at all times.

    Personal Attributes:

    The Graphic Designer should be a person who is:

    • Spiritually and emotionally mature. This person needs to be a growing Christian who is strong and stable, with a supportive network of relationships.
    • Working “WITH” Christ. We don’t work FOR Jesus, as if trying to win his approval or accomplish things on his behalf.  Rather, he empowers our work.  This person must be deeply connected to the source, nurturing a relationship with Christ, and working with his energy.
    • Passionate about good design and how it communicates to specific audiences.
    • Relational. This person must reach beyond their comfort zone and social barriers to engage others. This is often the most important “work.” The task is important, but it is also important that everyone involved with a project understands the “why” and look for the common “win.” 
    • Flexible & Open-handed.  This person must realize that “this is not our stuff.”  We hold loosely to the ministry and projects that have been entrusted to us. We are faithful, and we work hard. Yet, ultimately, this is God’s ministry, and it’s not about us. Thus, we yield our own “turf,” when necessary.
    • Trustworthy.  Part of maturity is keeping confidences and protecting the witness and integrity of the church of Christ. Loyalty to ministry staff and leaders and to Mountain Christian Church is essential.
    • Self-motivated. This person must be able to initiate things without being prompted. Need to be a “self-starter.”
    • Responsive to oversight. This person must be able to implement plans and respond to directives from staff leadership and the eldership.
    • Filled with a sense of humor. This person should be able to take this position seriously, but also be able NOT to take themselves too seriously.

    Core Competencies:

    The Graphic Designer should be:

    • Ability to create and develop visual response to communication problems, including understanding of hierarchy, typography, aesthetics, composition and construction of meaningful images.
    • Organized. This is a multi-faceted position that demands multi-tasking. This person must be able to prioritize and manage time and resources well.
    • Technology User and Evaluator. This person must remain current with the capabilities and applications of various marketing and design technologies. This should include being proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite, in particular, Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This includes some understanding of CSS and HTML, and familiarity with Facebook and Instagram.
    • An effective & imaginative communicator. This person needs to be able to understand and visualize how words and images affect people and people’s perception of a message.
    • Management and communication skills necessary to function and collaborate productively in large interdisciplinary teams.
    • A servant leader. This position calls for strong yet humble leadership. This person must have the ability to garner respect, gather a following, shepherd others, make decisions, and act decisively. In all of that, this person must “work for those who work for them,” serving them in a Christ-like posture, not lording authority over others. 
    • An effective manager. This person must be able to make steady progress on long-term goals while simultaneously managing various short-term concerns. Must be able to see the “big picture” and yet implement at a “detail level.” Must effectively manage the tensions between “urgent” & “important,” tasks & relationships.  
    • An equipper. This person should be able to identify and lead people who have a desire to serve. This should include the ability to identify, recruit and equip them for their tasks and responsibilities.

    Primary Responsibilities

    The Graphic Designer is responsible for the following:

    • Execute 5 to 7 design project requests a week.
    • Support the communications department by providing graphics for and various social media outlets.
    • Provide supporting graphics and designs for weekend message series, as well as designs to support weekend communication.
    • Work with the vendors and staff to provide quotations for vended print/media services. This includes working with the Finance Team to coordinate vended print/media purchases.

    Relationships of Support and Accountability

    • The Graphic Designer will work closely with other staff, in particular, teams that request graphic resources. It is expected that there will be meetings and open communication to facilitate a harmonious working relationships. Like other staff, the Graphic Designer is ultimately responsible to the elders.
    • The Graphic Designer, in some cases, will work with a team of non-staff leaders to understand resourcing needs.
    • The Graphic Designer will attend regular staff meetings and periodic retreats to promote coordination and mutual support, and to participate as a helpful and contributing member of the staff team.
    • The Communications Director will be responsible for review and evaluation of the Graphic Designer, to be conducted formally at least annually.
    • The Graphic Designer may be called upon to participate to serve on various committees and task groups.