Bel Air Campus News

Bel Air family, watch the video for an important update about the Bel Air Campus.

Hey Bel Air,
For the last 10 years the Bel Air Campus has been a beautiful expression of the church in our community. As the Bel Air Campus comes to a close, I am reminded that there is a lot to celebrate. Many have come to Christ, marriages have been saved, friendships have been formed that have made lives more full and rich. While there is sadness, there is also a sense that God is doing something important throughout this change. I know that we will see a huge Kingdom impact as we continue to Stretch, Strengthen, and Spread at all of the campuses.

We do want to celebrate the 10 wonderful years and commission each other to the next season of ministry on September 20 at 6 PM in the parking lot at The Arena Club. There will be a short program and time of prayer at 6 followed by fellowship, games, and memories, till around 8:30 PM. Dessert will be provided. Bring your own chair and enjoy some time together. Food trucks will be there to purchase food and drinks, or you can bring your own meal.


As a next step, we want to be sure that everyone is plugged into the church community and still engaging in the mission as we spread out to new campus homes. Answer the questions in this form, and indicate the new campus you would like to join. Complete the form for yourself, and then fill it out again for each member of your family. This will ensure that every member of your household is connected. 

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