Unstoppable Good | In It For Good

I hope you’re sensing God calling you to do something special…something important…something BIG with your one life. We can do that TOGETHER when we rally as one, aim the same direction and march together to the Spirit’s leading. This series is all about how God is calling Mountain to come together for a time of deep spiritual growth which will lead to massive mission advancement. The world around us - people - are facing critical needs. The world needs the GOOD of Jesus’ love and hope. So this is no time for business as usual. It’s time for God’s people to rise up and bring God’s GOOD to the table. And if we listen to God and what God wants to do IN us, God can do some huge and amazing things THROUGH us that will literally change thousands of lives. And every single one of us is called to respond to God’s call by saying, “I’m in it for GOOD!”

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