Behave with Civility | The Separation of Church and Hate

Behave with Civility | The Separation of Church and Hate

Does it seem to anyone like we’re losing our ability to be kind? To be civil in the public square? Like we’ve forgotten how to disagree without being disagreeable? There’s a fire burning around political disagreement. And we’re all bringing something to the fire.

Every day you choose your words, attitudes and actions. When you choose to interact in ways that hurt people, escalate anger, deepen divides, increase anxiety and depression, and burn down hope — you’re not called to that. It’s inconsistent with the ways of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

God’s spirit offers peace, gentleness, kindness and civility — a response that is reasoned and seasoned with graciousness and wisdom.

Acting in a civil manner doesn’t require you to change your position, but it does require you to soften your heart and your tone toward people.

Because if you want to be a Christian, you’ve got to remember that how you speak to and about one another matters. Civility is a character trait of someone who has been loved by God, and sees the image of God in every person you meet, and so you treat them with respect, dignity and civility… even if they are your enemy.