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Mountain’s mission is to make disciples, more and better disciples. In pursuit of that mission, we believe that our greatest discipleship strategy is a strong and healthy staff team. We want to be a team that is good at what they do, loves what they do, and loves the people they’re doing it with!

As you consider pursuing a staff role at Mountain, know that each role is grounded upon the following three building blocks:


All Mountain staff members are expected to be Committed to Christ, His Church, and His Mission. This person is expected to be a fully-devoted follower of Christ, pursuing Christ at the highest level of the Mountain Walk (Loving God, Loving People, Serving the World) seeking to do their absolute best to edify the church and move God’s mission forward.


At Mountain, we value Christ- like character, believing character trumps skill set every time. We expect team members to possess the following attributes: focus on spiritual and emotional maturity, positive attitudes, self-awareness, love for people, trustworthiness, coachability, flexibility/open-handedness, humility, passion, and a hunger to learn and grow. 


All Mountain staff members should be proficient and effective in utilizing the tools and completing the tasks of the mission to which they’ve been assigned, confidently leading themselves/others well and communicating proactively and positively along the way.

If you are interested in being considered for a current or future role at Mountain, please submit your resume and any other relevant information by emailing

Current Opportunities

Internships & Residencies

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Job Opening | Childcare Worker

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Job Opening | Graphic Designer 

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