At The Movies

The movie experience is one that captivates all of us. Yet, behind the glitz and glamour are stories of people just like you! Be part of it as we think outside the box office and explore the deeper truths in our favorite movies. Don’t miss At The Movies.*

No matter what you're background, this is for you! Please invite people along and tell your friends about this unique experience by using the "share this" button on this page. You'll also find fun shareable images at the bottom of this page.

*Important Note - At The Movies will not be stored online on our media page for on-demand viewing, due to copyright reasons. Therefore you will only be able to catch this awesome series live at a campus or streaming live online. If you will be unable to attend one of these weekends, be sure to tune in at to stay connected.

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To experience At the Movies up close and in full color, be sure to get connected in a group, starting the week of September 10. We have day, evening, and weekend options so you can join the discussion based on your schedule. Complementing what is coming from stage, these teaching-based groups will dive deeper into each topic discussed and help us apply them to our every day lives. Grab a popcorn and jump in!

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