Annamaria's Story

In November 2008, I started having health problems. It was the week after Scott and I came back from Las Vegas, I was having bad headaches and pain on my right eyelid. I thought maybe I had a stye on my eyelid so went to the Doctor. They gave me drops but it wasn't going away. I went back and they sent me to an optic neurologist. The Doctor knew right off the bat that I had something called "Optic Neuritis" which is nerve damage to the eye and he told me that I might have Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. I didn't know what MS was and I was scared. September 2009, I had kidney stones and had 12 surgeries to get rid of a stone on my right kidney, it was the size of a grapefruit. Back in November 2016, I decided I wanted to better myself and have a gastric sleeve. So I started a weight loss journey and have lost over 12 pounds; I met my goal for surgery. In April I found out my kidney stones came back on both sides. As well as, a cyst on my left kidney. So now I'm continuing to do my 1,200 calorie diet plan cause weight loss surgery is going to be put on hold. When I heard that Mountain was doing the series Every Body Matters I thought, 'Man this is going to be a great series.' And when pastor Ben said there is going to be a church-wide health challenge I thought 'This is going to be even better.' Scott and started attending Mountain Christian Church in August 2016 and God has opened so many new doors for us since then. We became members in September, after the Welcome to Mountain Class and we were baptized that evening. Now every week we both look forward to going to the place we call our new home and family at Mountain Christian Church. Thank you, everyone, for welcoming us with open arms.