Amy's Story

I heard the sirens behind me; I looked up and saw the flashing lights of the police car. A wave of relief came over me. Getting out of the car, I exclaimed in slurred speech, “Boy, am I glad to see you”. I was drunk, lost and almost out of gas. I was disoriented and had been driving aimlessly on the back roads of Ohio for over 2 hours. I was arrested for DWI with a blood level of .19. This was the absolute best day of my life. 

Up until that moment, I was living a life of destruction. I chose to participate in negative behaviors because I felt I deserved them. I hated myself more than anyone could imagine, but on that crisp fall morning, while watching the horizon brighten from the county jail, something supernatural occurred. I suddenly hated my addictions more than I hated myself. That morning, while waiting for my parents to come retrieve me once again, I gave up. I surrendered it all to God and begged Him to remove my addiction for me. I personally accepted Jesus as my Savior in January 1985 and had my last drink in February 1985. While I still consider myself to be an alcoholic, I am proud to say that I am 32 years dry. 

That summer, I entered a Physician Assistant residency program at Sinai hospital in Baltimore. It was a fresh start, just like Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “The old is gone and the new has come.” I had a choice, the opportunity to determine what my new life would look like. Would I choose the old self or the new?  

The following few years was a period of healing and recovery from alcoholism and other negative behaviors, including a persistent eating disorder. I suffered from rebound eating and gained 35 pounds in 6 months. I found help through a guide called “scriptural eating patterns” by Dianne Hampton. I still use these practices today to promote a healthy eating mindset. It is a powerful resource.

God introduce me to my husband of 30 years and we have successfully raised and disciple 4 children. After all these years, I still have a passion to help others know of their God-given potentials. I believe that you CAN fully know your identity in Christ. You CAN use your talents and gifts to the glory to God. Armed with that belief, I strive to encourage others to discover who they are. I do this by offering fitness classes that not only strengthen the body, but the spirit as well. That is why I am so thankful that Mountain is doing this series. It is vitally important for us to overcome our insecurities, hang-ups and addictions so we can become better stewards of the body God gave us.