Stories - Ben

In February 2016, Harford County was mourning the tragic and unexpected loss of 2 Sheriff’s Deputies. Thousands from the community paid their respects throughout the week by attending the viewings for both of the fallen. One of those in attendance that week was Ben Johnson along with his 4 year old son. “I told him we were going to celebrate a hero who died keeping us safe and that there was going to be a lot of police officers who were sad at the loss of a friend”. Although his son was a little wary of police, Ben did his best to explain how “… they keep us safe”.

That afternoon, the lines were so long, they decided to find a seat in the back of the church. Ben asked his son, "Do you think that we should thank God for Heros like police officers?”. In that moment, his son began to pray, "Open them, close them, open them, close them, give a little clap, open them close them, open them, close them, fold them in your lap. Thank you God for the police keeping us safe and helping others follow the rules. Please tell the police in heaven thank you… Amen." After finishing his prayer – upon leaving, he confronted two officers, looked them in the eyes and said, “thank you for being heroes.” Through tears, the Officers mustered a "Thank you". It's amazing how a young one is able to grasp so well the situation", Ben Said.


*Photo Credit: Christine Sullivan