Stories - Shane

As a software engineer, Shane’s workplace was not one filled with spirituality, but rather, science. Given our culture’s perception that Faith and Science are opposites, it’s no wonder he considered himself a “skeptic”. With the busyness of life, college and a career, he never found the time to investigate [God] any further. Add to that a growing distrust of the brand of Christianity he saw on T.V., he felt the Bible couldn’t possibly hold any relevant truths for someone like him.

Years later, he recalls the moment his wife started bringing their two daughters to church. His daughters began asking questions he was unprepared to answer. In time, he couldn’t help but notice the growing and positive changes in their lives. “That part didn’t bother me at all. That part was very good to see. But I wanted to make sure that everything else that came along with it was actually true, so I started going to church with them.” With the intention of researching, he too started coming to church.

“I did a lot of reading… the more I learned the more it began to snowball into almost a wealth of evidence in support of it (the Bible)." He began noticing some core truths that he found to be irrefutable and fascinating. “I can’t dismiss what I’m finding here, and if it is true then I’ve got to walk down this path and see where it leads.”

Today, Shane accepts that he doesn’t have all the answers, but has enough to know he is comfortable walking the path toward Jesus. He has since been baptized and is feeling more drawn to the spiritual aspect of his walk. “It’s definitely a life-long journey”, he says, laughing.