Stories - Derek

“I just wanted to fit in with the older kids in the neighborhood”, Derek recalls, looking back on his teenage years. Now 36, Derek is a recovering alcoholic and former addict. Like many, “I didn’t see anything wrong with it”, he said. It was harmless, under control–until it wasn’t. As he reached adulthood it became increasingly evident that his addictions were consuming his life, friendships, and family. As his addictions progressed, he began to admit that he had a problem.

“I hadn’t spoken to my father in a while because of the way I was living my life.”, he said. One night he received a call with the devastating news that his father had committed suicide. Unfortunately, this news took Derek to a whole new level of depression and grief he had never experienced. Physically, mentally, and spiritually broken, “It got ugly.”

Through the pain, he instinctively knew [deep inside] that he needed God. A friend of his got a DUI and was attending Celebrate Recovery at Mountain. Derek was invited to go and he gladly accepted the offer. This was perhaps his only chance to exit the path of destruction he was on. “I was actually thrilled at the idea that not only was it a place where I could get some help but also reconnect with the Lord”.

April 24, 2014, was the day Derek put down the drugs and alcohol, forging a new path in his life. “I have been coming to Celebrate Recovery ever since. It’s like my new home, and everybody treats you like family. I just love it." Soon after, he was baptized. "Yes, I lost my father but I gained the ultimate father in heaven."

Derek sees his life today as nothing short of a miracle; the miracle of Christ. “It’s been one heck of a journey, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything." His relationship with the Lord is so meaningful to his life; doors have been opened that he never dreamt possible.