Off the Beaten Path

Many people will flock to the popular summer destinations — Disney World, Ocean City, Outer Banks, and more. But sometimes it’s when you go off the beaten path that the best memories are made. A tour through the bible can be the same way. As important as the main roads are, this summer we’re going off the beaten path to find some hidden jewels.


July 30: Shiphrah & Puah — The Journey Begins Here
August 6: Josiah — Dusting Off Your Map Reading Plans
August 13: Habakkuk — When the Road is Tough
August 20: Micaiah ben Imlah — The Road Less Traveled
August 27: Zephaniah — When the Best Turn is a U-Turn
September 3: Deborah & Jael — When It’s Your Turn to Drive
September 10: Benaiah — Running Down Cats in the Snow


Further Study:
Have you ever left a service at Mountain thinking you would like to talk about that topic more? Starting with Off the Beaten Path, we’ll be providing you with the study materials to do just that with your group, and it's all free! These curriculums will be up-to-date and uniquely related to the sermons preached from the weekend. You can join a group or do it with your existing group.

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