Still Standing

Come experience the current teaching series, "Still Standing."

Few things can endure the test of time. Foundations crumble, trends come and go, and we will all return to dust. But still standing through all the ebbs and flows of history is Faith built on the rock of Christ. Generation after generation has been grounded in this Faith, through achievements and failures, growth and decline. This ancient Faith has changed the world and is still profoundly relevant and powerful. This series invites us to embrace the Faith as OUR Faith, rooting ourselves in the timeless truths expressed in the Apostles Creed.

Series Schedule (based around Sundays)

June 24 | God
July 1 | Jesus
July 8 | Died
July 15 | Rose
July 22 | Ascended
July 29 | Spirit
August 5 | Church
August 12 | Forgiveness
August 19 | Resurrection

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