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    More Life
    Safe & confidential group for women

    This safe and confidential group is for women desiring to live in freedom with sexual wholeness and integrity. Some topics covered are:

    • Relationship with God
    • Relationship with others
    • Exposing the darkness
    • Transformation through God’s love, mercy, and grace

    Mountain Road
    Beginning Jan 20
    Cost $25 (includes workbook)

    For more information and to register, email us.

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    Operation Destiny
    Safe & confidential group for men

    Find out what hope, freedom and the Abundant Life are all about as you experience them for yourself through a new men’s healing curriculum. We are a safe & confidential group for men who want to conquer inappropriate sexual behavior. Weekly meetings focus on:

    • Identifying and healing root causes
    • Changing detrimental habits
    • Encouraging through accountability
    • Educating to overcome faulty beliefs
    • Transforming through Christ’s love, truth, and grace


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    Unintended Journey
    Recovery program for women

    This confidential recovery program is specifically for women who are suffering through a spouse’s present or past infidelity or sex addiction. The group focuses on the emotions, mistrust and anger that arises in this circumstance. The study will provide women with an understanding of the range of emotions they experience and how to work toward resolution. Space is limited.

    For an appointment and interview, email

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    Marriage Mentoring

    Marriage Mentoring exists to partner couples on the life-long journey of marriage. Whether you are a preparing for marriage, want to maximize your marriage, or want to repair it, we have a team of Christ-centered couples willing to share your journey. Our mentor couples have been trained through Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott’s online Marriage Mentor Academy.
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