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We did it! In May we set a goal to surpass the number of COVID cases in Maryland with intentional acts of love by June 30. When the final total was tallied on that day, we had dared to love in 72,186 ways compared to 67,559 COVID cases – yay God!

So while we’re celebrating all those expressions of love in Jesus’ name, why stop daring to love now? The coronavirus has yet to be contained, so let’s continue to help love go viral all over Maryland and beyond. The great part about Dare to Love is that everyone can participate.

Here’s how it works. Listed below are some important acts of love we can do that will make a difference. Let's use those negative letters C-O-V-I-D and turn them into something positive.

  • C - Celebrate a graduate by adopting a senior
  • O - Offer to help someone with a financial need (rent, groceries or some essential cost)

  • V - Volunteer to help a neighbor or local organization in some way

  • I -  Intentionally pray for others

  • D - Dream up your own act of love.

Have a question about Dare to Love? Email DAREtoLOVE@mountaincc.org

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