Bel Air Where We Meet

As you drive in from Rt. 22, you’ll be directed by our parking team to park on the left side of the central drive. Staff and leaders up for a slightly longer walk from the car are encouraged to park on the sides of the roadway alongside the ball fields, heading toward the shopping center, in order to free up prime spaces for guests. 

Enter through the main door of the Club and head down the stairs to the left or use the elevator to the right. 

Once on the lower level, you’ll find a few different spaces: 

  • Service: The large, multi-use room will be divided by a curtain into the service area and the commons area. When the weather is nice, we’ll also have the ability to enjoy the poolside space out back. 
  • Kids: for children ages birth–5th grade, there will be sign-in kiosks from where our Mountain Kids leaders will guide you to the different areas set aside for age-appropriate children’s activities. Currently, nursery, toddlers, and two-year-olds are set up in one of the large studio rooms, with elementary using the other studio.  
  • Additional Space: There are some other, multi-purpose spaces that will be used differently week-to-week, depending on the needs. There’s also a room for our growing special needs ministry.

Note: The Sports Factory building, workout equipment, third studio room, and locker rooms will still be in use by Arena Club members — so we will always strive to be good sharers of space.