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Coronavirus Updates

Updated May 21, 2020 at 1:30 PM

Mountain will be 100% online this weekend (May 23-26)!

Listen to an important update from Ben here, regarding last week’s announcement by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Visit weekly for continued updates.

Click here for a list of impacted programs.

Stay connected to what God is doing through His church wherever you are!

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    Weekly Services | Six Feet Apart
    Watch Online this Week!

    Watch live online this week!

    Saturdays at 5:05 PM
    Sundays at 8:05 AM, 9:45 AM, 11:35 AM, 5:05 PM
    Mondays at 7 PM
    Tuesdays at 7 PM

    Mountain Online

    Join in for the message series, Six Feet Apart.

    Due to the concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus, we will not be gathering at campuses this weekend but will instead stay connected through the Mountain Online service. Experience worship music, the message, and a special kids program online at the service times below. Be sure to share the link below on social media, let friends and family know you are watching and invite them to experience it with you!

    The Coronavirus has disrupted everything – and not just our life rhythms, schools, jobs, and the economy – it’s instilled more fear and uncertainty than we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes. It’s shaken us to the core. As a result, so many today are not just searching for toilet paper; we’re searching for meaning, for answers, for hope. This series of messages will wrestle with some of the toughest questions we’re facing right now because of COVID-19. Why is this happening? How do we make sense of all the suffering? How do we find hope? Where’s God in all of it? What exactly does Christianity teach and what difference does it make right now? No one’s interested in the party-line, simplistic, “Sunday School” answers. Even though we have to keep six feet apart right now, let's come together for an important conversation to help us find our way when life doesn’t make sense.

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    For every case of COVID in MD, respond with an act of love!

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    Right now, there are over 35,000 cases of Coronavirus in Maryland. We want to match or surpass that number in acts of love by June 30. Let's unleash a deliberate act of love in Jesus' name! We can match that virus one for one by making love go viral! So everyone needs to participate! We can do it! 
    Here’s how it works. Listed below are some important acts of love we can do that will make a difference. Let's use those negative letters C-O-V-I-D and turn them into something positive.

    • C - Celebrate a graduate by “adopting a senior.”

      (Have a graduate that you would like us to celebrate? Let us know!)

    • O - Offer to help someone with a financial need (help someone with rent or groceries or some essential cost).  

    • V - Volunteer to:

      • Sponsor a meal for Everyday Heroes and families in need. 
      • Write a note of encouragement to a healthcare worker or a patient.
      • Deliver food to those in need (to a neighbor or Meals on Wheels).
      • Donate everyday essentials to The EPICENTER like paper products, diapers and cleaning supplies to distribute to those in need.

        The EPICENTER at Edgewood
        1918 Pulaski Highway
        Edgewood, MD 21040
    • I -  Intentionally pray for others including joining a Zoom prayer call any weekday from 12-12:30 PM. 

    • D - Dream up your own act of love.

    Have a question about Dare to Love? Email

    Make the graph go up, tell us what you did!

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    Welcome to Mountain
    Various dates

    Online Welcome To Mountain  

    Due to the Coronavirus, Welcome to Mountain gatherings have been moved online and can be experienced live on the Zoom platform. The gathering will be facilitated by a live host. 

    When are the live online gatherings taking place?

    Sunday, June 7 @ 1 PM


    What do I need?
    Welcome to Mountain Workbook (PDF download)

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    Kids & Students Online
    Experiences and Resources

    For Kids

    Family Discussion Guide | After Online Service

    Parents, below is a link to a Family Discussion Guide. Use the guide after the kids program you'll experience online. Thank you for investing in your little disciple! 

    Family Guide

    Kids Devotional Guide

    Families, the Kids Devotional Guide is a resource for your kids to use during the week. We hope this resource is a tool to help your kids spend some intentional time with Jesus. 

    Kids Devotional

    During the Week!

    Here are some great links to resources you can use during the week with your kids. Make daily time to invest into your child's discipleship!

    Websites we love that help families! 

    For Students

    Students Everywhere

    Just because we aren’t able to physically meet doesn’t mean we can’t still be together. On Sundays at 6:30 PM, all middle and high school students are invited to join Students Everywhere. Students all over the community will join and watch a YouTube Premiere Video together from the Mountain Students Channel and then jump into digital small groups from there. Even if your student doesn’t have a group, there will be a group ready for them because this is for EVERYONE.

    Stay Connected

    For Parents

    Here are some resources for you as a parent to have conversations with your kid or student during this difficult time. If you need any help navigating these conversations, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Mountain Kids Team or Mountain Students Team. These teams are here for you!

    For Parents of Middle and High School Students

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    Groups Online

    At Mountain, people matter, and all are welcome. Whether you’re married, single, single-again, a parent or a young adult – no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done – you're invited to experience community, get help, make friends, and celebrate life here. Here you’ll find a community willing to support you in facing down life’s toughest challenges. We’re imperfect people searching for fulfillment and finding answers in the lessons Jesus taught the world. And we could use some company.

    Click here to see Groups Online opportunities!


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    6 Feet Apart
    Video Podcast Show Notes

    Welcome to the Six Feet Apart podcast - a conversation designed to help us find our way when answers seem out of reach and life doesn’t make sense.

    The Coronavirus has resulted in the greatest disruption that many of us have ever experienced. And while we’re trying our best to keep living and learning and working and staying six feet apart from everyone, we’ve got some serious questions that are hard to get a handle on.

    • Why is this happening?
    • How do we make sense of it?
    • What does it mean?
    • Is there any hope?
    • Where’s God in all of it?

    Answers seem to be at a distance, and our daily experience grinds against many of our beliefs and expectations. It’s disorienting, and we’re skeptical. So where do we go from here? Even though we have to keep six feet apart, let’s come together on Facebook and Youtube for a conversation designed to help us find our way when answers seem out of reach and life doesn’t make sense.

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    I Need Help
    Resources for those in need

    Some resources for those affected by the impact of COVID-19. 

    I Need Prayer

    I Need Some Company

    I Need Childcare
    The EPICENTER at Edgewood is providing childcare for any employee working in a business considered “essential”. 

    I Need Someone to Run an Errand
    For those who are unable to get out and need an errand run, email and we will try to assist you.

    I Need Food
    Upcoming Food Giveaways

    • Saturday, May 23 | Abingdon Campus 
    • Saturday, May 30 | Abingdon Campus
    • Friday, June 12 | The EPICENTER

    I Need Financial Resourcing
    For those caught in a personal financial crisis due to sudden loss or shift in income, email Mountain’s team of financial coaches are prepared and equipped with church and community resources.

    Additional Resources
    For additional resources in helping meet your needs, consider the following:

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    Pray For and With Others

    As we persevere through this current season, let us not forget the power of prayer.