At Mountain there is no shortage of "stuff to do". Here, you’ll find a community to celebrate your greatest joys or help you through life’s most daunting challenges. We’re much like a neighborhood, brimming with friends willing to lend a hand, share a laugh, offer a shoulder, or just have fun!

Take a look at some of the events we have going on right now.

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    We love kids, in fact, some of us are just big kids ourselves. Kids are the next generation of the church and we want to partner with you and see that they get the best of what we can offer.

    We strive to provide an environment that is safe, welcoming and educational — giving them age-specific lessons to keep them engaged and wanting to come back each week. Whether weekend only or throughout the week, we have something for kids of any age.

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    Take a moment and think back to your experiences of middle and high school: the excitement, nervousness, perhaps awkwardness. At Mountain Student Ministries, we are here to walk with you and your family through these next few years.

    Our goal is a safe and fun place for middle school and high school students (6–12 grade) to connect, meet new people, and grow closer to Jesus.

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    Young Adults

    Life is about relationships and we have a thriving community of young adults from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for help, community, purpose or just looking — we exist to provide a judgment free zone for you to meet people who are going through the same struggles you are.

    Everyone is welcome to share in this experience. If you’re 19–29 years, married, single, single-again, Christian or non-Christian — we have a place for you to make new friends and grow. Take a chance and reach out to us today. 

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    At Mountain, people matter, and all are welcome. We invite you to experience community, get help, make friends and celebrate life here. Whether you’re married, single, single-again, a parent or a young adult – no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done – you matter to us. Here you’ll find a community willing to support you in facing down life’s toughest challenges. We’re imperfect people searching for fulfillment and finding answers in the lessons Jesus taught the world. And we could use some company.

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    It’s tough being a man today. Culture is mixed on exactly where and how we fit in and sometimes we may be confused as well. It’s too easy to shift into autopilot and get lost in work, bills and responsibilities. Have you ever wondered if there is more to life?

    We’re here to tell you there is! We exist to challenge men to push past their comfort zones and step into what life has to offer. Learn how to be a better: friend, husband, father, employee, boss and leader.

    Your best place to get started would be our monthly Men's Breakfast, where you will get an opportunity to jump in on a biblical topic and get connected with some other men, and also learn about more activities going on like our mid-size groups or 33 the Series. We also offer discipleship groups that are designed to model, teach, and encourage practical application of biblical principles.

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    Experience a thriving community of women that are sure to bring you new friendships, support and authenticity at whatever stage of life you may be in. Whether you’re a busy mom, single, single-again, empty-nester or grandparent this is the place for you.

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    Dating? Divorced? Single parent? Wherever you are in life, you are not alone. This is a community with others in a similar life stage. We are a group of singles, ages 30–50, seeking to love God, love others, and serve the world as we navigate life together from a biblical perspective.

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    Experience the true freedom and growth that marriage was designed for. Start with the knowledge that fulfilling marriages don’t just happen, they are built on biblical principles essential to a warm, loving relationship. And, just as every individual has a unique gift and experiences, every marriage also has a unique story and purpose.

    Our Couples groups exist to support couples as they seek God’s best for their life together. To that end, we offer and promote communities of encouragement of all sizes — large group marriage enrichment seminars, mid-size couples groups, marriage/couples small groups, couples mentoring, and individual couples counseling.

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    We never stop growing and it’s never too late to make new & authentic friendships. After all, being a Christian is a lifelong commitment. Our Young at Heart group attempts to provide opportunities to keep on keeping on. We connect with each other through monthly luncheons, Bible studies, community service, and fun social events.


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    Group gatherings are interactive times when small communities of friends support one another in answering two core questions: What is Jesus saying? What am I doing in response?

    Mountain groups are open to anyone wanting to learn more about God’s mission, and be part of carrying out God’s mission. Groups gather throughout the week all around Harford County and surrounding areas.

    If you’ve never been in a group or are new to God’s mission with Mountain, stop by the Welcome area during weekend services, and let someone suggest where to begin.

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    Glocal Outreach

    Global + Local = Glocal

    Glocal Outreach is how we engage with God’s mission around here at Mountain. Jesus calls us to be global Christians as well as local Christians at the same time. It captures the heart of Jesus that we are to love our neighbors, and also take His message to all the nations. We are to be His witnesses in our “own backyard” (locally) as well as “to the remotest part of the earth” (globally).  

    Here are some ways to “get going” glocally.

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    We are here to have fun, get some exercise and challenge you to play with a purpose. We have various activities throughout the year for all levels of play; so whether you are just starting or a pro, we've got something for you.

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    Wherever you are in your journey of faith, God has bigger plans ahead for you. That is what GrowingU is all about. Through Bible studies and ministry classes, GrowingU offers all of us a chance to be stretched and challenged as disciples of Christ. Don‘t miss the growth God has planned for you.

    **No current classes**
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    Special Needs

    Our Inclusive Program seeks to provide a specialized learning environment that will allow students to learn in the ways that best communicate to them. With a team of wonderful leaders we work to provide both contained classes and mainstreamed opportunities through one to one relationships. Students are eager to come to class, meet new friends, and learn about God.

    To adequately meet your needs, we ask that you complete the Special Needs Enrollment Form and/or contact us prior to any classroom involvement. You can pick up this form at the Kids Welcome Desk.

    Mountain Road

    • All services: inclusion options available
    • 9:45 & 11:35 AM: contained classroom for early childhood and elementary students (Room 122)
    • 9:45 AM: contained classroom for teens and adults (Room 118/120)

    Bel Air

    • All services: inclusion options available


    • All services: inclusion options available
    • 11 AM: contained classroom for teens and adults

    Buddy Program

    This program allows one to one relationships that help students be mainstreamed into the regular kids program. These are available on a limited basis and only as we have on-going, available volunteers.


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    Writers' Group

    We desire to glorify God by providing a supportive community for Christian writing by:

    • Enhancing our spiritual growth and writing skills
    • Encouraging one another at regular meetings that include Bible study, prayer time, motivation and skill enhancement.
    • Equipping Christian writers to minister using the Word and their talent to inspire others.

    Mountain Road
    Sundays @ 2:30–4:30 PM
    New Life Center — Room 111/113

    Our Writers' Group blog, Portions of Grace, seeks to glorify God through devotions. Click here to visit and join us in praising God. New devotions posted weekly.

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    Mountain Riders
    Motorcycle Group

    Experience the grace and love of Christ through motorcycling, service, outreach opportunities and weekly Bible study. The first Thursday of every month is set aside for a planning meeting and the remaining Thursdays are for Bible study. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Bible study. 

    Mountain Road
    Thursdays @ 7 PM
    Mountain Center — Timothy Hall

    Check out the Mountain Riders Yahoo Group.